RO ACT THEATRE in stransa colaborare cu “DRAMA INC.” din Timisoara si compania de teatru “BECOME” din Sibiu au ales sa va incante in aceasta seara Carageliana cu celebrele schite “Amicii”, “CFR” si “Caldura Mare”.

Astfel, actorii Catalin Nicolae, Ioan Marcu si Sergiu Gobjila reprezentand RO ACT THEATRE din Chicago vor juca alaturi de Radu Vaduva (“Drama Inc.”) si Adrian Grigoras (“Become”).

ROCX is partnering with City Winery to present Fanfara Ciocarlia to Chicago audiences. Fanfara Ciocarlia is one of the world's foremost Gypsy brass band, and they have gone on to create a furious Balkan funk that has set the planet dancing. 

Even by world music standards, the success of Fanfara Ciocarlia comes out of leftfield: the band members were peasant farmers and factory workers, men who played at weddings and baptisms for extra lei yet were not lautari (the caste designating professional Gypsy musician in Romania ). 
Rooted in the soil of their native Moldavia, the music Fanfare make is relentless in its tempo and ferocious in delivery, music powered by great spirit and a desire to include everyone in the party. 

They rave, they roar, they rage! Wherever and whenever Fanfara Ciocarlia blow their cheeks, nobody stands still – no matter how cool they pretend to be! Their instruments, bearing the marks of the previous decades, have lost their shine and gained their own patina. With them Fanfare Ciocarlia set off a musical firework display, displaying an unbelievable talent for intricate rhythms and dizzy tempos. Traditional Romanian dances and rhythms from Turkey, Bulgaria and Macedonia are played on horns, trumpets, clarinets and timpani. 

Come join us as we dance the night away! Use the promotional code "ROCXCW" when purchasing your tickets to let them know you're with ROCX! 

More about Fanfara Ciocarlia here.

Personal note:
We fell in love with Fanfara Ciocarlia when we heard their music in the great Romanian movie Asfalt Tango. Listen to our favorite soundtrack song here