ROCX is organizing its first ever career development and networking skills workshop. Let ROCX help you direct your success!

Business networking has been an underlying premise of our encounters, realizing it can be a complicated art. We will impart lessons learned the hard way throughout the years of experience in our careers.

Join us as our team of panelists discusses everything we wish we had known: preparing for interviews, choosing schools, writing resumes, career and industry insights, and getting connected. 

Connect with us on Facebook and Linkedin to learn more about our panelists, the company or institution they represent, and professional opportunities. 

Industries Represented: Academia, Consulting, IT/Engineering, Financial Services, Entrepreneurship, Law, Health Care, Recruiting, Psychology, Law, and more.

Companies & Institutions: IBM Consulting, University of Chicago,  Loyola University,  Indiana University,  Gelber Trading, Thoughtworks,  Intellis LLC,  Neal, Gerber & Eisenberg LLP, and more. 

Click here for workshop details and registration! http://rocxyourcareer.eventbrite.com 



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